2022 Fink 22 x Adidas


Giuseppe Moscatello curated Fink 22’s “Extinguished” at Foundry, an exhibition in collaboration with Adidas that explores the complexity of society in the present day, focusing on humanity and how it impacts on individuals and the world as a whole.
Taking inspiration from graffiti artists, the artist utilized repurposed fire extinguishers filled with vibrant paint to create the canvases. Applied to the canvas under high pressure, the colorful paint is used to convey movement, transition, evolution, and transformation, mirroring how society evolves. The melting and running of the paint create a sense of chaos, speaking to the idea that life is often messy and unpredictable.
The pieces in the exhibition are seemingly displayed upside down, with the drips and runs rising towards the sky in an ethereal manner. This unique approach provides a fresh perspective on the world, with the apparent inversion of gravity encouraging viewers to see things in a new light and to question established norms and conventions. Equally, this sense of weightlessness and freedom in the artwork add to humanity’s instinctively aspirational desire for a positive future.