16.02.2024 ­– 24.03.2024 Kim Asendorf, Andreas Gysin, Leander Herzog

Location and Working Hours
Presented by Fakewhale & Curated by Giuseppe Moscatello
16. Feb 24. Mar. 2024


Giuseppe Moscatello from Evolve was invited by Fakewhale to curate a show of AGH 1, a collaborative project among Kim Asendorf, Andreas Gysin, and Leander Herzog, three artists who are part of the Fakewhale ecosystem. Their work glorifies the computer through generative art and architectural coding, resulting in a self-generating aesthetic that stands at the intersection of art and technology.

The project was a variation of its inaugural edition previously unveiled in Berlin and is characterized by abstract, real-time animations that begin with simple compositions and gradually evolve, developing intricate geometries and color depths through time and space.

The work unfolds on digital canvases where every pixel is a deliberate act of artistic choice, mirroring the concrete artists’ use of pure color and form, and embodying the principles of dynamic and generative architecture.

In addition to the installation, there were a series of digital prints linked to the main project that complement the show, bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms.