Nation 2.0 is an artist-run online platform celebrating the work of internationally based emerging and mid-career artists. Our mission is to connect artists with new audiences while providing a network of engaged practitioners from around the world. Within the digital exhibition space, artists show commissioned art projects created exclusively for Nation 2.0.  Expanding beyond the…

Maraya Art Centre

The Founder of Evolve Giuseppe Moscatello co-founded Maraya Art Centre from scratch since day one, established brand identity, organization structure, marketing strategies, and yearly plans. Produced over 40 major local and international exhibitions including ‘Islamopolitan’, and more than 100 educational programs for community engagement. Conceived initiatives such as Maraya Residencies, Maraya Art Park, and Maraya Video Archive,…


Evolve was appointed by Emaar to develop a new and unique creative hub in Downtown Dubai: “Foundry”, located in Downtown Boulevard Dubai. A 2000 square-meter collaborative creative space that will host exhibitions, provide co-working spaces and the opportunity for the community to participate in workshops, and nurture the creative talent in the region.  Foundry is a hybrid…

Fen Ajman

Evolve started FEN AJMAN, an initiative of Ajman Municipality with the objective of commissioning street art projects, design installations, public initiatives and lifestyle activities in the modern and historical environment of the Emirate of Ajman. Date: 01 Mar 2020 – 04 Apr 2020 Location: Ajman Cornice, United Arab Emirates Projects

1971 Design Space

The founder of Evolve Giuseppe Moscatello conceived and established 1971 Design Space , including brand identity, initiatives, and provided overall artistic direction and leadership in regards to exhibitions, program and initiatives, such as the 1971 Design Store and Kutoob Bookstore. Date: 14 Mar 2015 – 19 Nov 2017 Location: Flag Island, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Image Gallery