15.11.2023 ­– 07.01.2024 Skygolpe

Location and Working Hours
Curated by Giuseppe Moscatello
15. Nov 07. Jan. 2024

Third Dimension

Giuseppe Moscatello worked closely with Skygolpe for one year, by planning and curating his first retrospective at Foundry. The exhibition titled “Third Dimension,” featured a selection of large paintings from the series “Paint on Pixel,” a significant visual installation showcasing Skygolpe’s latest digital works alongside photo prints from his recent AI research.

“Paint on Pixel” marks Skygolpe’s inaugural venture into physical art, blending canvases where the physical and digital realms intersect, exploring the relationship between meaning and context.

The AI photographic series stems from an assembly of technological components. Through artificial intelligence, these components are hybridized to create images that vacillate between depicting dysfunctional objects and their forms. Interestingly, the subjects of these images are entirely artificial, generated solely by AI capabilities.