2010 Maraya Art Centre

Maraya Art Centre

Giuseppe Moscatello was at the forefront of the co-founding team of Maraya, developing the space from the ground up. From its inception, the space has boasted a large exhibition area dedicated to nurturing and promoting emerging artists from the Arab region. It also offers a space for a private collection and features a coworking environment complete with a library. His role was crucial in establishing the brand identity, organizational structure, marketing strategies, and annual plans.

Under his guidance, Maraya has hosted over 40 significant local and international exhibitions, including the notable ‘Islamopolitan’, and has facilitated more than 100 educational programs aimed at fostering community engagement.

Moscatello has been instrumental in launching key initiatives such as Maraya Residencies, Maraya Art Park, Maraya Video Archive, and the street art initiative named Jedariya. These have all become vital components of Maraya’s distinct identity.